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Vammas P

P5600, P7000 & P8400

Vammas has full line of airport plows to match Vammas sweeper widths. The plows have low friction polyethylene plastic blade with adjustable curvature for more controlled windrow.

Vammas P-series plows have segmented cutting edge elements to maintain the maximum contact on the surface even if one segment hits an obstacle. The moldboard radius and height is self adjusting to better match the snow conditions, operating speed and to control the shape of windrow.

Efficiency and simplicity

The Vammas plow blades are made of plastic with extreme strength and low friction. The lightweight construction with heavy bottom frame construction optimizes the power requirements of the plow truck. The plow has 2 caster wheels for high-speed stability. P-series plow can be fitted to any BM compatible front attachment system.

Technical SpecificationP 5600P 7000P8400
Length of mouldboard6 200 mm7 600 mm9 000 mm
Working width 37°4 472 mm5 590 mm6 709 mm
Share cutting length1 400 mm1 400 mm1 400 mm
Share unit pcs456
Self Adjusting Mouldboard profilestdstdstd
Mouldboard height1.2 m ± 0.3 m1.2 m ± 0.3 m1.2 m ± 0.3 m
Caster wheels222
Caster wheel tires180/70 R8180/70 R8180/70 R8
Weight1150 kg1350 kg1550 kg

Steel cutting edges
Edge marker lights
Storage supports

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