245 000m²/h

Clearing capacity


Work width

Vammas CSB


The Vammas CSB 3600 Compact Sweeper Blower is designed for usage on aprons, taxiways and runways.

The CSB 3600 is built on the adapted accordingly MERCEDES – BENZ ACTROS 2036 4×4 chassis. Roller brush is placed between the axles of the vehicle, while the turbine (fan) cleaning the surface is built behind the rear axle. At the front of the vehicle is mounted snow plough LPC 5.

The unit is working very precisely, brush speed change as well as the hydraulic ground pressure control allows for quick and efficient work. Due to the short length and rear torsion axle, which may be directed opposite to the front axle, or in the same direction as the front axle, this unit is highly manoeuvrable. CSB3600-5 has the ability to work simultaneously plough, brush and a blower. It is also possible individual work of those elements. This allows the unit can also be used for summer cleaning. Changing the direction of cleaning is very quick and simple, one move of the joystick on the control panel to change the direction of the plough, brush, and the air outlet.

3600-5 Sweeper Blower

Engine room

In the rear part of the superstructure, there is a engine room of the sweeper. All control and drive systems like solenoid valve blocks, electrical system, hydraulic system, hydraulic oil tank are placed in the engine room. When the cover is rised, the engine room is free accesable for service and maintenance works.


It is located between the axles of the truck. Its attachment to the chassis frame to obtain exact constant brush pattern. The broom-pattern is adjusted hydraulically to provide optimum broom wear life. Rotation speed is adjusted automatically according to the driving speed and the broom’s wear. The hydraulic ground pressure and rotation speed of the brush can be also overdriven by manual settings. Brush in the raised position is located at a height of about 15 cm above the ground. The broom-axle for the standard model is delivered with 21 cassette and support legs.


The blower is located at the rear end of the vehicle. The blower fan is hydraulically driven. Blower inlet is screened to prevent the entry of foreign objects and damage the fan blades. On the left and right sides of the device are tunnels through which the air comes out and cleans surfaces. Tunnels are lifting and lowering automatically, depending on the cleaning brush direction.

  • Fan diameter 670 mm
  • Rotational speed 3200 rpm
  • Blower capacity 8.5 m3 / s
  • Change of blowing direction 10 sec.

Electric system

  • Electric voltage 24 V
  • Batteries 2x12V 180 Ah
  • Alternator 100 A / 28 V
  • Work lights, halogen 4×75 W
  • Orange rotating beacon 45 W
  • Engine room lights 1×21 W
  • Fuel tank 400 l

Optional equipment

  • Central lubrication system
  • Hydraulic oil heater 230 V
  • Engine coolant heater 230 V
  • Battery charger 230 V
  • Electric fuel heater
  • Electric auxiliary hydraulic pump
  • NATO coupling for external power source
  • Custom paint color
Technical Specification
ChassisMercedes-Benz ACTROS 2036 4x4
Engine Euro 6MB 265 kW
Steering4-wheeling steering
Wheel base5700 mm
Front axle loading9 tons
Rear axle loading9 tons
Broom core lenght4,25 m
Total lenght in working position11,8 m
Total width in working position4,97 m
Broom working width (35°)3,44 m
Swing angle left and right30° or 35° or 40°
Caster wheels, automatic adjustment optional2 pairs / 8,5 cu m/s
Air flow8.5 cu m/s
Air speed at nozzle400 km/h
Recommended max. working speed40 - 60 km/h
Aggregate engine - EU Stage 5MB 280 kW
Voltage24 V

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